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Food wars and learning together

Wednesday 3rd July

At breakfast today we were treated to cereal, bacon, toast, pineapple and juice. Such a good feed set us up for a big day’s work at Oloosuyian!

We started off either digging trenches or painting the dormitories, before heading off to teach Physics to the Form Three girls. They were able to handle challenging resistor network problems, leaving Mr. Purcell both pleased with the class and proud of his teaching. Mr. Steven was very happy with our class and it was a great experience.

Lunchtime rolled around and we were given magical mash and minced stew. Following last nights fiasco of running out of rice, we were all told to take one spoonful of potatoes. Mr. Purcell didn’t process this message, instead taking a heap of spuds that would fit right in with the mountainous landscapes of rural Kenya. There may be a small rivalry between Mr. Purcell and Doc Mark to see who can eat the most. Lunch was very tasty and gave us all a great energy boost for the afternoon. Some of the more talented students taught the Form Three girls Irish dance. Then, in exchange, the Kenyan girls taught us traditional Maasai dancing, as well as discussing their career prospects. The girls were very interested in agriculture and enjoyed talking about it with us.

Meanwhile, the other LGS pupils got a quick lesson in Handball. The rules are quite simple but, somehow, playing the game is much more challenging. The Kenyan girls split themselves between the two teams and it was a great game, although very tiring.

Ethan and Sam.

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