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  • Linda Abwa

Non-Covid Crisis Hits DRC Partners

Last week, CMSI Partnership Coordinator Linda Abwa emailed Global Partners in DR Congo to find out how they were managing in the crisis. The responses Linda received came as quite a shock. The answers were not about Covid-19.

In both Bukavu and Kindu Dioceses, flooding has been severe and has led to significant loss of life and damage to property. At a time when Ebola numbers have started to rise again and with Covid-19 cases increasing significantly since 20th April, the displacement of people from flood damaged areas is set to compound the situation.

Bishop Bahati of Bukavu Diocese explains:

During the period from 16th to 21st April, approximately 15,000 people were affected by the inundations and erosions due to heavy rains in Uvira and Plaine de la Ruzizi. 'Til now, the community is anxious and is mourning the death of 45 persons, many injured and material loss by the waters overflowing from four main rivers (Mulongwe, Kavinvira, Runingu and Sange) and Tanganyika Lake waters, destroying almost everything found on their way; about 3000 houses including churches, schools and hospitals and two important bridges destroyed (Sange and Runingu).

This disaster happened during the confinement due to the global challenging crisis of COVID-19. The critical economic condition of people characterized by hunger and poverty is now reinforced.

Humanitarian Agencies and churches are trying to bring a response to the catastrophe. Therefore, the Anglican Church of Bukavu Diocese seeks financial support enabling us to give an assistance of food and non-food to the most vulnerable of the victims of floods in Uvira.

Archbishop Masimango has been collaborating with local agencies to try to finds ways to assist communities close to his home in Kindu. As always, we find the Church at the centre of the response to the most pressing needs in Bukavu and Kindu. It is quite a sobering thought that in spite of the global crisis which Eastern Congo is part of, right now the Church is facing an even more urgent situation.


Please pray for our partners in DR Congo as they deal with - and respond to - this latest crisis and the many other challenges they're facing just now. And if you'd like to provide financial support to help them respond, please donate to our Covid-19 Response Appeal.

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