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  • Linda Abwa

Community emergency relief in DRC

Bishop Tendwa and his team are based in Uvira, presently part of Bukavu Diocese, DRC. In July they sent reports of new flooding in the area, and many displaced people as a result.

Concerned for those who had lost everything in their homes the local church wanted to reach out with household items to support the most vulnerable of those impacted.

CMSI was able to stand with Bishop Tendwa in his plan to reach out in this way. A contribution was made from our DRC emergency appeal, and basins, clothes, cooking pots and a food packages were distributed to the affected community.

We thank our Global Partners for including us in this opportunity to serve the vulnerable and distressed, and we thank all of you who respond to the priorities of the Global Church in prayer and in giving.

Continue to pray for those who are rebuilding their lives after the flood and for Bishop Tendwa, Rev. Etungano, Rev. Mulanda, Rev. Luundo and Rev. Mtembwa who continue to respond daily to the needs of the community in which they minister.



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