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  • Billy Smyth

Complete Unity

I have been pondering for sometime now the theme of unity and oneness within the body of Christ.

We find in the gospel of John chapter 17 verses 20-26, Jesus' prayer for unity between those who follow Him in the Christian faith. As this is recorded in John’s gospel just before Jesus is arrested and taken off for trial leading to His crucifixion, this theme of unity must have been foremost in His mind at that time. As we read through the epistles, we find many verses on the theme of loving, serving, encouraging and supporting one another in Christ. Perhaps you should try looking them up sometime.

As Jenny and I were visiting Ibba, Bishop Wilson Kamani took us to an outlying archdeaconry. He showed us a new church under construction using burnt bricks and cement mortar. He then explained to us how each parish or village community wants their own permanent church building, but they have agreed to come and work together to build one at a time. They work together to make and burn the mud bricks and fire them; they fundraise to buy cement and other building materials. When a church is complete in one village, then they will begin work on another church in another village. This really resonated with me, “Through love serve one another”(Galatians 5v13).

Perhaps we could learn from this spirit of unity, one anotherness, Christians working together to further the kingdom of God. "May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me"

John 17 v 23.



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