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Partnership within God's global family

Striving for two-way exchange: giving and receiving; promoting interconnectedness and interdependence – this is one of our guiding principles. This model of reciprocal exchange is at the very heart of everything at we do. As such, it is only natural that we extend our model of partnership into all our dealings at CMSI.

There are two exciting partnerships that have emerged in recent years. One is with SAMS Ireland and the other is with All Nations’ Ministries.

In August of 2022 many of you will have enjoyed the fruits of our partnership with SAMS Ireland. When global partners from Africa, Asia and South America joined us for Kingdom Voices, we all felt the benefit of working together – across Ireland and around the globe.

This connection with SAMS is continuing as we seek to work together in the service of God’s global church. We are learning together, from each other, new ways of doing things. We are benefiting from the voices of more people in God’s family, learning and sharing stories of God’s love and faithfulness. This week, Emma will be joining in at SAMS’s Friday Night Live conference evening in Annaghmore Parish Church Halls as we continue this story of partnership.

Each week Gillian joins with the local charity, All Nations’ Ministries, as they seek to support migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Northern Ireland. Seconded to teach English on Tuesday mornings, Gillian embraces the chance to get out of the office and into the community.

Y from east Africa attends these classes at St Michael's Parish, Belfast. At 16, she has only been in N. Ireland a few months and is delighted to be able to practice her limited English. She dreams of being a nurse and loves coming to the classes, so that one day she might realise her dreams.

It’s not all whiteboards and pens. The women share food and fun together – last week Emily and Rizmah relished eating crepe after a game of “Simon says”. Gillian was quick to let us know that they contextualised the game by calling it “Ahmed says”. Great craic for everyone involved!

Through this weekly activity, Gillian is able to work alongside ANM’s mission to reach out to the most vulnerable. There’s no need to get on a plane – a bus across town enables immediate connection with people from many different countries right here, at home. This partnership is enriching the life of CMSI as Gillian regularly gives voice to issues witnessed by the volunteers at our staff meetings.

We have also enjoyed the riches of ANM’s community and fellowship – remember that fabulous family fun day at Lady Dixon Park in August? Well, it wouldn’t have been possible without ANM. We look forward to hosting more events together.

We praise God for bringing these groups into the story of the life of CMSI!



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