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Reflections from Dave Malsan

– seeing South Sudan for the first time.

This is my first time coming to South Sudan, first time in Africa, first time where I do not look like the majority of people, and the first time I have been on a mission.

I first felt the call to come here back in 2000. Bishop Munddi was speaking at our diocese convention. He spoke of the strife here in a war torn nation, with struggles I could not fathom. He said, “We are all the body of Christ. When we stub our toe does not our whole body feel it?” I turned to my wife and said, “I need to go”.

23 years later I am here at last, witnessing God 8000 miles from home in a beautiful place with people so different from me that I thought I would have no connection. The experience of meeting fellow Christians, hearing their stories and seeing Christ’s face in each and every one has been powerful.

Our team has supported each other in these days in South Sudan.

Maureen has been a great help to me and an awesome travelling partner. A pure heart of gold. Mother Patti is a true example of Christ’s work in us. She did the sermon on the opening communion, a presentation on healing of personal trauma. She, to me, exemplifies the true meaning of mission. Jenny, a veteran of many missions, facilitated much of the conference doing presentations on peace and reconciliation.

When Maureen and Mother Patti did a presentation on hygiene, I listened, watching the people present. One woman caught my attention. I looked at her face and I saw the eyes of age. Eyes that have seen things I never will. Watching her watch the demonstration on how to make soap – a basic hygiene provision which I take for granted – will enable a better life for her children and grandchildren. And perhaps she can make enough to sell the extra to raise money for food.

This time with the people of South Sudan and my team has been a true blessing – one which I will treasure always.



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