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The Spaces Between

Twenty-three years ago, Grace needed to supplement her income. Her job as a house-helper was stable but she needed to find ways to support her growing family. In 2000, Grace started making cards in her spare time. A combination of talent, resourcefulness and flexible working enabled her to start this grassroots business.

Now it is Vikki, Grace’s daughter, who heads up the enterprise. With children of her own and Grace’s recent stroke Vikki has continued the family tradition of card making, supporting three generations in the spaces between.

Through buying Grace and Vikki’s cards you get more than a pretty product. You are allowed to participate in a scheme that dignifies and enables the ingenuity of a growing dynasty of women. Soon Grace’s granddaughter will be old enough to join their enterprise. May God continue to honour them in their endeavours.

If you would like to host a marketplace evening of stories and crafting with a marketplace stall, please contact the office on



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