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Thank you for signing up for our new Children's Resource. You can access the Switched On material on this page.

Everything has been made available to view and download free of charge. However, if you would like to make a donation towards the costs of producing the resource, you can do so here:  

Please write 'Children's Resource Switched On' in the instructions

Sessions & Activities

Material is provided for four age-groups, but can be adapted to suit your own context.
The age groups here are given as a guide only - there are no ‘ages’ on printable materials.

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+ Service materials [pdf]

+ Service contents [doc]

editable for digital and print adaptation 

Memory verse :

say it in sign

Partners in Nepal

Click the full screen symbol and then the play button to view each film. If you want to download the video or access other settings, click the 'share' paper aeroplane icon on the right hand side, then click on the web address link. This will open up the film on Vimeo (you may need to log on to Vimeo or sign up) - you can download the file from here. 

Why should we care about the earth?


How are our partners in Nepal showing God's love to others?

How are changes in weather affecting people in Nepal?

How can we be

better neighbours?

If you would like to see additional short films from CMSI's Global Partners, visit our previous Children's Resource films: 'Kingdom Kids''Heroes Of Hope' , or the 'In The Middle'.

Fundraising Challenge

Every year, many of the churches and Sunday school groups that use the Children's Resource engage in some fundraising activities to support CMSI's Global Partners. Fundraising is a great way to help your children engage actively in supporting global mission. These funds make a huge difference to our partners - who are always thrilled to learn that the money has been raised by children.

Money raised through this resource will go to a special Switched On fund to support our global partners as they provide emergency relief in their local contexts. Your donations will help the global Church share God's love and hope with many people in Nepal. Please encourage your children to get raising!

Competition Time! 

Our drama 'Freeze Frame' competition was won by 

Lisnadill Parish! A Fantastic entry - well done!


If you would like to show us your freeze frames,

email them to us at CMSI


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Download, print and personalise certificates for the children who participated in the Switched On programme.

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