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CMSI Completes Belfast Office Move

CMSI has moved its Belfast Office to Sir Thomas & Lady Dixon Park in South Belfast. The final move from Dargan Road was completed on 17th June and the new office is now fully operational.

This move has been a long time coming. Last summer, CMSI agreed the sale of the offices in Dargan Road and identified the Lady Dixon property as a suitable location for new offices. After many months of false dawns and delays, the move was finally set to begin on 24th March. Then, on the evening of 23rd March, the UK Government announced its Covid-19 lockdown measures, leading to a further ten-week delay.

On 3rd and 4th June, the removal company was finally able to transport the furniture and 100 crates to the new site. The last two weeks have seen staff working on a rota to clear the remaining furniture from Dargan Road and to unpack and set-up at Lady Dixon Park.

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Speaking about this latest development, CMSI's Mission Director, Jenny Smyth said:

"The office move has been a long road, firstly exploring all the possibilities with our Dargan Road premises, then finding a buyer and searching for a place to make our CMSI home. God has guided us to and blessed us with a beautiful place to be - in a park famous for roses! The office is fully accessible, light and airy, and we are delighted that the move is now complete. I am thankful for the support of our Trustees, the staff and our wonderful band of volunteers! We pray that God will continue to lead and bless the work of the society in the new chapter now unfolding."

While some Covid restrictions remain in place, a number of the CMSI staff team will continue to work mainly from home. But the new Belfast office will be staffed throughout the summer and the staff can be contacted via phone and email.

Location of new Belfast Office

Above Stables Cafe in Sir Thomas And Lady Dixon Park, near Drumbeg and Dunmurry.

Postal Address

CMS Ireland

Sir Thomas & Lady Dixon Park

237 Upper Malone Road


BT17 9LA

Contact Details


Phone: 028 90775020 (NI/UK); 048 90775020 (RoI)

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