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  • Linda Abwa

Update from Yei & BATC

Last week, Bishop Hilary sent us his thanks for funds gifted by Lisburn Cathedral for pastors in Yei Diocese who were struggling to feed their families. He told us that he was able to support a total of 85 pastors throughout the current emergency.

However, Bishop Hilary also updated us that fighting has resumed around the Yei area. Just as the markets were beginning fill up with supplies again he told us that armed groups have been attacking the people doing business... ‘The people then flee leaving their goods and money on the ground and the armed men rob all these.’

While we are thankful that we were able to support these pastors with emergency funds and hope that we will be able to do so again, long-term solutions can only be founded on peace and development. Therefore please do pray for lasting peace and growth for South Sudan.

We also received an update from Bishop Allison Theological College (BATC), still in exile in Northern Uganda. Alongside the sad news from Bishop Hilary about the situation in Yei, it is heartening to read of the retreat that BATC arranged for pastors in refugee camps, and to hear of their plans to continue training pastors as soon as C-19 restrictions allow.

Please read the update and as you pray for Bishop Hilary also pray for the Church leaders of tomorrow as they train at BATC.

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