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Keeping Church At The Centre During Covid

First Responders

In CMSI, we believe that local churches throughout the world are called to be first responders to the needs of their neighbours. And we believe that, within the global family of God, we are called to support one another as we engage in this task of sharing the help and hope that only Christ can bring.

That’s why, throughout the past few months of lockdown, CMSI has sought to keep the Church at the centre of the response to the Covid crisis.

Connect, Equip, Transform

We’ve done everything we can to stay connected with our Global Partners, and to encourage prayer and financial support for them as they respond to the needs of their neighbours. We’ve also done all we can to keep resourcing, inspiring and equipping churches and individuals throughout Ireland – helping God’s people to keep global mission on the agenda during this pandemic.

More, not less

As is true for most charities, however, Covid is likely to spell tough times for CMSI financially. We anticipate a drop in our income at the very time when our partners most need our companionship. As the impacts of coronavirus continue, we want to be able to do more, not less, to support our partners. We want to be able to do more, not less, to equip churches in Ireland.

Over the summer months, we will keep promoting our Covid-19 Response Appeal – we’ll keep prioritising our Global Partners and sharing their stories as they bring light in the darkness.

Make It Count

But we also want to appeal to those friends and supporters of CMSI who haven’t been hit too hard by this crisis: please keep supporting CMSI’s Mission Resource Fund. Please Make It Count with CMSI and help us keep the Church at the Centre. Please help us to do more, not less.

More specifically, we would ask you to consider participating in our lockdown challenge. This is a simple way of redeeming some of the things we’ve missed out on during the past three months; it’s an opportunity to make lockdown count!

Thank you for your continued partnership with CMSI and with the global Church at this time.

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