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Living Lights – our new theme

At the start of September, CMSI launched its annual theme for 2022-23, ‘Living Lights’.

The purpose of having an annual theme is to help shape our focus for events, the literature we produce in print and online, as well as directing our wider church engagement across the year. Our hope is that through the annual theme we will shine another light on mission and the church, one that will aid each of us in our understanding of and engagement with God’s mission here on earth.

This year’s theme of ‘Living Lights’ offers a wide scope.

  • If Christ is the ‘living light’ of God in human form, then how should that affect the way in which we see God?

  • How can we respond to the exposure of injustices?

  • What might it look like when the Holy Spirit illuminates our lives, helping us to shine God’s light around us, in an often dark and difficult world?

  • When God’s light reveals the darkness in our own lives, how can we help each other move that bit closer to the sort of person we were created to be?

The CMSI staff team and volunteers are available to speak at church services and midweek gatherings - in person and virtually - to share stories from around the world of God’s living light. Get in touch to request a speaker.

May these words become our prayer this year:

Lord, the light of your love is shining In the midst of the darkness, shining



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