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Twende Team go Pastoral

Friday 13th

Despite the frustration of intermittent power cuts and temperamental keyboards, Lorna continued her work with the girls at Olyoosian School, ably assisted by Camille, a young French women who is working here for several months with an NGO dealing with the issue of FGM.

Robert continued his pastoral work MRTC at Isinya, this time spraying cattle and sheep. He managed to spot one sheep with a sore eye and this was greatly appreciated. As Jesus said in the parable of the lost sheep “Rejoice with me for I have found my sheep that was lost.”

Then both Davids and Robert went on another kind of pastoral visit to people in their homes. They were accompanied by Rev Proud Baraza and Pastor Wilson, along with three members of the Mothers' Union: Helen, Jane and Josephine.

In the first home we met Mama Helen and her daughter Patricia. At one time, Helen had been very ill, having tried doctors and hospitals without cure. She had a great interest in the work of the Sunday School and when she saw the children sitting on the ground, she went out and bought some chairs for them. From that time on she was healed of her illness. Bwana asifiwe – Praise the Lord!

In the second home we met Sarah* and her friend Mary*, along with some of Sarah's grandchildren. Mary is married to a Muslim man who accepts her Christian faith, with three of their children brought up as Christians. However, the father wishes their youngest son to be brought up a Muslim.

In both homes we were warmly welcomed and shared fellowship together along with piles of food and copious cups of chai.

Please pray for Helen that her new home may be finished soon and that she may enjoy many happy years there. Please also pray for Mary that her back may be healed and that her family may make the right decisions.

*Names have been changed

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