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Learning together

The seminar for lay readers, evangelists and clergy at Imberikai Training Centre was very well attended, with about 35 lay readers and 10 clergy. After the usual introductions, lively worship and, of course, chai...the two Davids presented.

Short David spoke about the role of the lay reader while Pastor David presented on the Call to Ministry as illustrated by the Old Testament prophets. The Vicar General also attended, to speak to the groups about Anglican structures.

Various issues were discussed including the role of ordained and lay ministry, the balance between sacramental and non-sacramental services, the use of alcoholic or non-alcholic wine for Holy Communion, and full immersion or baptism by sprinkling. The Diocesan Treasurer also addressed the participants regarding tax issues.

We experienced a great sense of fellowship amongst those present. There is a real hunger and need for biblical teaching apart from all the other challenges such as long distances to travel, adult literacy and training facilities. The development of accommodation at the Imberikai Training Centre will help in this regard.

As the building materials arrived and the work continued laying in the water pipes, replastering the walls and wiring the classrooms, we began to see the potential of this place and how it fits into that vision of the diocese for Mission and Development.

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