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Kuvuka Daraja: The Final Blog

Jambo! Welcome to the final instalment in the story of the Kuvuka Daraja team and its adventures in Nairobi. We're now safely home, but we wanted to share some news of our last few days in Kenya.

The hard work in Tujisaidie school continued, but we also attended many events and met a range of old and new friends in Nairobi. Provost Sammy and Rev James met with us in the cathedral (All Saints') - we were delighted to have the opportunity to thank them for their support and resources during our stay. Canon Phillip and his family treated us to a great evening of food and hospitality and we also had the privilege of meeting Isabelle and Louise in their homes.

The work in Tujisaidie school progressed well. By Thursday the lighting and electrics had been completed, all external walls and corridors painted, classrooms painted and most of the desks painted. As well as improving the working environment, access to electrical sockets opens up many opportunities for the pupils and also for the community. We have been able to discuss a range of projects with our partners in the UDP and are excited for what the future holds as we explore further partnership opportunities.

On Thursday, we joined with the staff and pupils to take part in the weekly assembly, as we worshipped, prayed, read God's word and also celebrated the work that had been completed. We were deeply touched by the reaction of children and teachers, including the messages that the children had added to the blackboards. It was the first of many emotional goodbyes as we moved towards the end of our trip.

Our final full day in Kenya included a visit to Nairobi National Park where we were incredibly fortunate to see lions, zebras, black rhinos, gazelles, impalas, giraffes and buffalos in the wild. We also saw cheetahs, leopards, hyenas and crocodiles in the nearby Safari Walk.

We have been richly blessed in the last few days as we continue to deepen existing relationships and make many new friends. We are hugely indebted to two great and Godly ladies, Isabelle and Louise, for their incredible efforts in guiding us over the last couple of weeks and their unwavering commitment to the UDP.

Lucy, John and the staff and pupils of the school have left an indelible mark our lives and the work and direction of our local experts John and Walter has been immense. Eddie our driver and Marion from the team at the cathedral have shown us a level of commitment, hospitality and friendship that we will never forget.

All of these individuals plus many others we met along the way have changed us and our earnest prayer is that we can, with God's guidance, become better servants both in Kenya and at home as prepare for our return.

Please continue to pray for all these friends in Kenya and for the team as we share our stories at home. We have needed and also greatly appreciated your prayers for safe travel and God's guidance. Asante sana.

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