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  • Linda Abwa

BATC on lockdown after one week of new term

Bishop Allison Theological College is the theological training college of Yei Diocese, South Sudan. Although the original campus remains in Yei, since 2016 BATC students have gathered in rented accommodation in Arua, across the border in Uganda. This move, forced by insecurity, has enabled the college to serve pastors and would-be pastors to receive training even whilst they are refugees in Northern Uganda. Pictured here are some of the students from Imvepi refugee camp and one from the Nuba Mountains.

Today we received an update from BATC with some disappointing news for the just-arrived students:

Our new cohort of students began their studies on May 31st, and we admitted a total of 44 students for this intake. Because the number of students increased, we moved to a new compound which can accommodate all of the students and constructed a large chapel within the compound. However, on June 6th President Museveni announced the closure of all academic institutions in Uganda for at least 42 days. Therefore, our students, after completing only one week of studies, were forced to travel back to their homes and await when the Ugandan government will allow us to continue. It was certainly disappointing to begin the new students' time at the college in this way, but we know that they will be able to return once the government lifts the restrictions. The majority of the incoming students come from the Diocese of Yei, and we also have students from the Dioceses of Morobo, Lainya, Kajo Keji, and Kadugli and Nuba Mountains.

Please pray for these students as they wait for their studies to recommence, and for the college leadership as they manage the new premises and the uncertainty around studies and lock-downs.


Bishop Allison Theological College:

"A Christian Center of Academic Excellence and Deep Spirituality in the Heart of South Sudan and Africa"



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