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Tithing Time

Our official partnership with All Nations Ministries began in 2021 but we have been invested in their work for considerably longer.

A happy consequence of this connection enabled one of our Belfast Bible College interns to secure a summer placement with them. After time with us in the office throughout her second year of degree study, Ruth McKeown spent two months working alongside ANM as part of her block placement. She was able to volunteer alongside All Nations in a variety of ways. From assisting with English classes, helping ANM move buildings, sorting clothing, collecting and delivering furniture and assisting with community picnic events – Ruth threw herself fully into all activities with great enthusiasm.

She told us that: "My time at All Nations was really good and tiring at the same time. You never knew what a day would bring - but it has been rewarding to make new friends and make a small difference in the lives of others. I would thoroughly recommend it...."

Ruth’s ability to interact respectfully with everyone she meets meant that she was able to build up relationships with a range of asylum seekers and refugees throughout her time with ANM. Being part of their stories has enriched her own.



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