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Please Pray for Kajo-Keji


Last week, we received news from Bishop Anthony in Kajo-Keji, about disturbances in Moyo District in Uganda, which has seen over 170 people, mostly children, crossing the border into Kajo-Keji in South Sudan. Bishop Anthony has asked us to pray for him, for his diocese and for the situation in Moyo.

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Mission Associate Mark Zimmerman (Nepal) recently wrote about his visit to Foxford, Co. Mayo, to see Trevor Strong. It’s a moving story that celebrates the importance of people and relationship in God’s great work of mission.

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Changing Times Highlights (Part 2)


In the second of our series of highlights from CMSI’s main 200th Anniversary celebrations, we reflect on the arrival of 27 delegates from our Global Partners and we remember a special couple of days with them in Lorne House, Cultra.

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Helping hurts


Rory shares how an early morning caller at home unsettled his day.

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Fashion School update


Kiwoko Fashion School is now half way through it’s first year and we are delighted with its progress…

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Bakers Posted by Paul and Tania Baker, about 1 month ago | 4 comments

Arriving and Unpacking: let the adventure begin!


Lisa Young (STEP) shares highlights from her first couple of weeks at Kiwoko Hospital.

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Lisa_young Posted by Lisa Young, about 1 month ago | 6 comments

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Prayer diary: Wednesday, 01 October 2014

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Pray for divine protection for all Kenyans from both external aggression and internal conflicts. Pray for peaceful co-existence and unity of purpose for all Kenyans as they face violence and threats of violence in many communities. Pray for Church leaders as they try to speak into these situations.