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Of Jacarandas and Pomegranates


Keith shares a reflection on trees, the importance of embracing our past and the rhythms of hope.

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Scotts_2016 Posted by Keith and Lyn Scott, 8 days ago | 1 comments

Water and hope


Keith shares some of the challenges of failed rains, hot temperatures and poor water supply – and reflects on the importance of hope.

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Crafts coming and going


At the upcoming IGNITE Conference, a new range of lovely crafts from the Urban Development Programme (UDP) of All Saints’ Cathedral Nairobi will be on display and for sale. Just as these crafts were being sent off to Ireland, we also received beautiful Irish crafts for our UDP members.

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Isabelle Posted by Isabelle Prondzynski, 19 days ago | 3 comments

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Prayer diary: Wednesday, 20 September 2017

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IRELAND: CMSI Staff – Partnership Coordinators
This term, Linda Abwa, looks forward to the visit of Bishop Justin and his wife, and also leading a team visit to Cairo. Pray for her as she puts final plans and preparations in place, and for the impact of these visits on all involved.

The Latest News from CMS Ireland

Preparing to go


Andrea Givans is making her final preparations before she heads off to Uganda for a 10-week Short Term Experience Placement.

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Burundi celebrates new church leaders


CMSI celebrates with its global partners in Burundi, the Dioceses of Gitega and Matana, as they each consecrate a new bishop.

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Refurbished Burundi school ready to go


Nyankanda School in Burundi needed major refurbishment and support to help it to re-open to 400 pupils in Gitega Diocese. This project has been funded by CMSI Link Parishes and Bishop’s Appeal and we are delighted to share the progress of the school.

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Posted by Rachel Brittain, 28 days ago | 0 comments

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