Prayer diary: Monday, 31 August 2015

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RWANDA: Shyogwe Diocese
The diocese hopes to open an Anglican Integrated Polytechnic in Shyogwe later this year. This institution of high learning will focus on teaching technical skills. Pray for final preparations and the provision of experienced teachers.

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"What's 'What's the craic?' in Lugandan then?"


On joy, Ekisa and the blocked toilet.

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Kiwoko_2015b Posted by Kiwoko 2015, 3 days ago | 4 comments

Goats and their Sunday strolls


First impressions and livestock!

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Kiwoko_2015b Posted by Kiwoko 2015, 6 days ago | 10 comments

META Team, Assemble!


On hopes, hearts and hilarious passport photos.

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Kiwoko_2015b Posted by Kiwoko 2015, 11 days ago | 7 comments

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The Latest News from CMS Ireland

Burundi Refugee Crisis latest


CMSI’s Partnership Coordinator, Kelly Yates, provides an update from two of CMSI’s Global Partners, as they respond to the Burundi Refugee Crisis, offering help and hope to some of those affected.

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Posted by Roger Cooke, 28 days ago | 0 comments

Pushing the boat out for Maridi


We’re always delighted to hear about the creative ways in which parishes and individuals raise funds to support CMSI and our Global Partners. This story about adventures on the high seas is a great example of how people use their interests and passions to raise awareness and encourage financial support.

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Posted by Roger Cooke, 2 months ago | 2 comments

Latest from Burundi...pray on!


A helpful snapshot on the situation in Burundi. Your prayers and support for the region at this time are so important.

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Posted by Jenny Christie, 2 months ago

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