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I was in Prison

I’m guessing the above title got your attention? “…I was in prison, and you visited me.” Not my words, but those of Jesus (Matthew 25:36).

Half a dozen of the hospital staff make a trip every other Sunday. They go and spend some time at one of the many prisons in this region of Uganda. Their mission is simple: to hold a church service, tell the inmates and guards about Jesus and lead them to him. These men and women are in the depths of despair and our Prison Ministry team gives them hope.

Beatrice (from our Finance Office) leads the team. After each visit she sends out a report to all those interested. Here is one she sent recently…

Dear Friends, Greetings in the Name above all names, Jesus Christ, the Living Son of God. We are so grateful to God for this ministry and for His provision towards it. Also thank you so much for your contributions and participations in the same. May the Almighty God reward you so much.

Adimalo was the Driver as well as the MC, Godfrey shared the Word, Kizito shared his testimony and Beatrice led the Praise and Worship with one of the inmates. About 40 people gave their lives to Christ.

Towards the beginning of this month, one of the inmates who was released, didn’t have anywhere to go. The only option, he had to look for us up to the hospital. He stayed with Godfrey for some two days, who later found him a place to work. He is in Lumped doing some garden work at the moment.

God Bless With much love Beatrice.

I love reading these reports. Please do pray for this life-saving, Kingdom-building work.

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