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Different flavours, common ground

I have had a busy few days here in Cairo.

I have been getting to know the different programmes that the Church runs such as the Refuge Egypt project, the variety of spiritual assistance that is given to local Arabic Christians, European ex pats and ambassadors, Burmese Christians and the South Sudanese congregation.

I had a meeting with Bishop Mouneer where we discussed the contrast between church life in the east and that in the west.

I have spent time with the Arabic congregation and participated in a Bible study with them, thanks to my translator, Carlos.

I have also visited a few Coptic churches and observed the few differences and the many things we have in common. I have been really encouraged by the visible Christian witness here. Life was not always easy for them. But they love Jesus and it really shows.

I also visited the last synagogue in Cairo which is no longer used by the Jewish community but stands as a monument.

We visited the largest mosque as well and this was a very interesting visit.

I am already so encouraged to be here and the congregations here are so friendly and loving.

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