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First impressions and sneak previews

After months of planning and many sleepless nights worrying about the journey that lay ahead, we finally arrived at Arua after nearly 24 hours of travel! We where warmly greeted by Canon Issac at Arua airport who escorted us to the Mothers' Union Guest house. We quickly unpacked as we were eager to explore what was to be our new home for the next seven days. Right form the off everyone has beens so friendly and welcoming to us!

Nora from the guest house joined us as we took a stroll around the nearby area. We met the watchman, the school proprietor, school teachers and then Nora spotted Canon Isaac

at the old cathedral. So we got a sneak preview of this beautiful building that will be commissioned on Sunday as the new Children and Youth Centre. What a fantastic space!

In the afternoon, we had a meeting with Bishop Charles and once again Canon Isaac. It was wonderful to hear the Bishop's vision for Madi West Nile, as it would be our hope to partner in some of these projects.

Richard and Henry from the West Nile Ecumenical Vocational Training Centre then showed us round the centre where they have a garage, a school and a number of other successful projects. The passion that these folk have is unbelievable.

Strolling on down the road we heard singing and, following the noise, we arrived at the diocesan cathedral, where the local Sunday School Children where rehearsng for Sunday's commisioning service, at which we are to be guests. Words can't describe what we beheld but I can honestly say it's a moment that I will never forget and we just can't wait to Sunday to see these energetic kids praising God through song and tradional dance!

Keep checking in, for we would love you to be a part of this amazing journey!

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