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Twende Team go Maasai

On Saturday morning, Robert and David joined in the weekly spraying of the goats, an essential job to prevent ticks and disease. We also met some of the Mamas as they collected water from the large water tanks. This is well organised and of great benefit to the whole community. However, the woman still have to carry the heavy containers home but some use donkeys.

David and Lorna presented to the Women’s Empowerment Group, this being their inaugural meeting. There was joyful singing and the women were encouraged for their value both in the community and before God. We pray that this work may continue and strengthen the women here.

It was a real privilege to attend Sunday morning service at St. Patrick’s Church, Lemasusu. There was much singing and dancing of praise and worship songs. Pastor David’s sermon on the Parable of the Sower was well received.

It was a particularly moving service for David T. as he had been involved in the CMSI Pamoja Team that helped build the church in 2006.

In the afternoon there was opportunity to bargain for Maasai souvenirs. It is hoped to develop these craftwork skills as an income generating project which gives some financial independence to the local women.

Now picture a traditional Maasai goat roast around the camp fire, with the men and women in their best Maasai dress, singing and dancing, and Kilimanjaro glowing in the setting sun – a wonderful end to a great time in Osinoni Hideaway, Oltiaska.

This is Twende Team signing out as they prepare to go home and share the good news of God's work in Mission and Development here in Kajiado Diocese.

Bwana asifiwe, Praise God.

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