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Daraja - The journey so far

It's great to write the first blog from the Kuvuka Daraja team. We arrived in Kenya on Saturday night to spend two weeks with our partners in All Saints Cathedral and the Urban Development Programme.

We are so grateful to Isabelle and Louise for looking after us and for sharing the incredible story of the UDP and the history of the

As well as meeting the staff team in All Saints Cathedral, we attended worship and felt very at home as we were introduced to the congregation. This was a traditional service, very similar to a service at home and also included 'In Christ Alone' written by Northern Ireland's own Keith Getty.

Our hosts in the Cathedral have been looking after us very well, with their great hospitality. It has also been great to catch up with some old friends including Eric and Rev John Mark Oduor.

We have been blessed by our visit to the Kindergarten at the Cathedral and Madaraka School also run by the Cathedral. We have been overwhelmed by the warmth of the welcome from teachers and children and have been so thrilled to be invited into classes and take part in Sports' Day preparations.

We have just completed our second day in Tujisaidie school in Kayole. Lucy and Esther from the local community and John, the school principal have been welcoming us and updating us on the most recent developments. We were delighted to see 4 new classrooms and to hear that the school can now be an examination center, a great achievement for the school!

Today we painted the entrance and corridor in the school and worked with the children at the sports field , teaching each other Irish and Kenyan games as well as taking part in classes. The team also visited a number of homes in Kayole and have been warmly received by everyone we met.

Our driver Eddie has been amazing in the hectic Nairobi traffic and our good friend Marian from All Saints have become important members of our team.

Please continue to pray for the team and those we meet and our thanks to all for their prayers for safe travel and God's guidance.

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