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Cross-cultural learning

Today was our fourth eye-opening day at school and it was fantastic. We had the opportunity to teach Maths and Physics to the Form Two girls, while others participated in Biology and Chemistry lessons. It was great to meet the girls, form new friendships and discover the unexpected differences between our schools at home and school life here in rural Kenya.

We continued our work painting the dorms, moving clay and digging trenches. However, our productivity was short lived as we were endlessly exchanging dances and songs with the Form One girls, as they worked alongside us for the day. The girls were extremely energetic and willing to chat to us. We wish we had some of their energy!

At the end of the day, we got to participate in a cultural exchange in which we learnt about life in Africa and shared about our lives at home. It was incredible to be taught some Maasai dance by the Kenyan girls. Mr. Hamilton has moves, or so he thinks!

It was Conor's 17th birthday today. Maggie kindly baked him a delicious chocolate cake with sugary, blue icing and multicoloured skittles on top, which everyone loved. Conor loved receiving two birthday cards – one from his family back home and one from his family here in Kenya.

Amy and Phoebe.

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