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Zebra Crossings and inspiring people

This morning we were all giddy with excitement despite the early start of 5am as we headed to Nairobi National Park to see some of the native wildlife.

The sun was just rising as we arrived at the park and our chief navigator (James) negotiated all the twists, turns and potholes. It was a wild, knuckle-biting, chassis-wrecking, car-scraping exercise over many bumps in the road to ensure that we would get to see as many animals as possible.

It wasn’t long until James spotted the king of the jungle merrily sauntering down the road on his way to get a drink. The cars all scrambled to get closer to him, but James made sure he nosed in front so we could get the best view. We then saw a family of rhinos, gazelles, all kinds of birds and lots of other wildlife that you would never see at home.

James and Louise decided that we would go on an “adventure” off the beaten track and we were jostled about the vehicle over rocks and bumps but were soon rewarded when we happened upon the most gorgeous tower of giraffes munching on their breakfast. They stood for ages posing just for us! Then we rounded the next corner to find a Zebra crossing.... literally a row of zebras crossing the road! If I said AMAZING once today, I must have said it 100 times! To see created beauty in such proximity with the city skyline in the background was breathtaking and an experience I am unlikely to ever forget.

We then grabbed a bite to eat and changed into our Days for Girls t-shirts, a girl in the cafe approached to ask what it meant. One never to miss an opportunity, Diane spoke to the young waitress about the project and she left a kit with her and God’s richest blessings.

We arrived at Bahati Secondary School in Kayole which is situated right beside the municipal dump! The school was established in 2003 by one of Lucy’s sons, Ndalo, who was only 19 at the time. Its ethos is to help the poorest of young people to go onto further education.

The Head teacher Mrs Rehena has taught there for the last 15 years, she explained how girls are usually absent from school 3-4 days each month because they cannot afford sanitary towels. She told us how one former pupil donates some disposable towels each month for emergency use, but now hopes that because they will have access to the Days for Girls kits, the girls should be able to stay in full time education and not miss any time at school because of their periods.

Diane and Rosemary had the opportunity to deliver the health education training to all 80 girls of the school! The training was intense and interactive, the girls are all switched on bright sparks and we are sure that these kits will have an AMAZING impact on their education and ultimately their future!

Lucy gave a rousing talk to the girls, and told them to “Stay a student, not a wife!” She told them how she used to carry water on her head but now she turns a tap on...because she wanted it and worked hard for it! She told them to get themselves out of the poverty cycle and become professionals who can better themselves and move out of the low income settlements, she explained how they wouldn’t need to miss out on their education now because of the dignity kits. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, she truly is an AMAZINGLY inspirational lady!

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