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Handball scandals

Today, we were treated to a home favourite for breakfast – beans on toast. It’s safe to say it gave us the energy we all needed to make it through our fifth day at the worksite. On arrival we found out that the Form Two girls had volunteered to help us out again- we were thrilled as they have got the most energy and are so enthusiastic at teaching us their songs and dances. This morning, the Form One girls were treated to an expert craft lesson by Laura – everyone had so much fun! Today was a successful day. We managed to complete the trenches and applied the final coat of paint in the girls’ dormitories. After 4 days of “supervising” Mr. Purcell finally put in a bit of graft (even though he used a digger and still hasn’t touched a shovel!).

The afternoon saw us all take part in a very competitive handball game, where LGS competed against the Oloosuyian girls. We were disgusted when Amber betrayed us and played for the other team - scandal! Ethan’s fury got so much that he sent Helen (Oloosuyian’s star player) crashing to the ground. The referee took pity on LGS. We are certain that we did not draw 10-10 with what is the fourth best team in Kajiado county!

During afternoon tea we were introduced to the former Bishop, Jeremiah Tama, who was the starting link of the Kenya project back in 2001.

We are all completely exhausted after a tiring week at the worksite but are so excited for our trip to Nairobi tomorrow! Jessica G and Rachel

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