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Back to work - and play

After our weekend off, the early alarms returned for our penultimate day of work at the school. After all our hard work digging trenches last week, we were faced with the challenge of laying the water pipes. Interestingly, there were many ideas and opinions on how the 100m long coils of pipe should be laid. We eventually were able to figure out a successful tactic, and even removed a knot in the pipe (thanks to Mr Hamilton).

In the girls’ dormitory, Laura began work on a mural of our school mascot, Bear. Hopefully, on completion, the girls will see it as a colourful reminder of the amazing time we spent together. The painting progressed so well last week, that we were able to finish the dormitories and begin painting the bathrooms and the common room. This will provide the girls with a much brighter and homely environment. We finished off the day with another competitive game of handball against the Form Three girls and some of their teachers. However, some of the LGS girls got distracted from the game because an impromptu hair salon was set up by the Oloosuyian girls. Some remarkable hairstyles included Hannah’s pigtails and Jeannie’s cornrows – the demand will be high when we return home! It was great for us to laugh together and get to know each other better. Impressively, we showed that our skills have improved since last week because the final score in the match was 17-12 to LGS – whoop! P.S. We all hope that everyone at home is enjoying the weather warnings and thunderstorms while we are topping up our tans in the 20-degree heat – you win some, you lose some! Hannah C and Rhiannon

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