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Connections, blessings and heavy rains

One week on and what a week it has been! I have been doing exercises with the boys and girls at Pharakilo Ghar. They have loved our company and Heather organised a music system to be purchased so the girls (and the boys) could exercise through dance.

On Tuesday, in the pouring rain, Heather visited some of the homes in the community for people living with leprosy while I visited HRDC - a hospital which treats children with orthopaedics conditions such as clubfoot. There is a very high incidence of club foot in children here. SDSS (CMSI's partners) brings children who require surgery to Kathmandu from outlying areas and HRDC is the hospital with which they link.

I have also been to Patan Hospital to the physio department and have two more days booked into my schedule.

Heather preached on Monday night in Kritipur, led devotions with the team on Tuesday morning and did some teaching with the church leaders on Friday morning. She also preached on Saturday morning.

The highlight for her has been the meal and giving of gifts at the church service on Sunday in the leprosy community. The rain stopped and the sun came out, it was a wonderful time.

During all of this the monsoon rains have hit hard and many roads were flooded. Sadly, a number of people died and many have been displaced, their homes having been washed away or covered by landslides. It was so bad that a plane skidded on landing on the runway and the airport had to be closed for a time.


Lesley Burton and Heather Cooke are each spending time in Nepal on Short-Term Experience Placements (STEPs) with our partners, SD Church.

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