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  • Jenny Smyth

Good news of great joy!

Bishop Aimé Joseph of Gitega Diocese, Burundi, has just dedicated a new church!

In 2018, I travelled with the bishop to Gihamagara to visit a newly formed congregation of Christians meeting for weekly worship in the local health centre building. We were greeted with joyful enthusiasm and prayed together that the Lord would bring to fruition the congregation's desire for their own church building.

Since that visit almost two years ago, the congregation has worked hard to raise funds, acquire a plot of land, make bricks and manage the church construction.

This week, news arrived that Bishop Aimé Joseph had held a service on the second Sunday in Advent to dedicate the new St Paul’s building and confirm ten young people! Please remember Rev Leopold in your prayers as he disciples each of these new Christians.

It is wonderful to hear good news of this fast growing church, especially given all the challenges of ministering in Burundi. Let us rejoice with them and be spurred on in our commitment to bringing Good News of great joy to those around us!

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