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  • Roger Thompson

Briggs' Farewell Service

Around 100 family, friends and supporters gathered recently at St Jude's, Ballynafeigh to give thanks and pray for Ronnie and Maggie Briggs as they come to the end of over 40 years of service with CMSI, mostly in the Diocese of Kajiado, Kenya.

The evening was hosted by Revd David Palmer, with uplifting music provided by the Kerygma choir, conducted by Mrs Lorna Palmer. Greetings from Bishop Gaddiel Lenini were passed on and other contributors included CMSI Mission Director Jenny Smyth, former Mission Director Canon Cecil Wilson, CMSI Chairperson Revd Adrian Dorrian and former Kajiado Team members Rev David and Mrs Lesley McComb.

Adrian interviewed Ronnie and Maggie who said they were very moved by the cross section of people in the congregation, representing groups who have been involved right across their lifetime's ministry in Kenya and in Ireland.

Canon John McCammon gave a reflection highlighting the far-reaching "ripples" that have radiated out as a result of Ronnie and Maggie's service. These include the deep relationships forged in Kenya, the support given to the church in Kajiado through the Development Department (with a whole range of buildings, projects, women's training and other practical help) and the huge number of people (around 500) who have visited Kajiado on CMSI teams over the years.

The evening ended with a time of prayer for the Briggs as they explore the next steps of their journey. We are grateful to Revd Peter Bourke for welcoming us to St Jude's, and to all who attended.

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