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Free CMSI Children's material

CMSI has made material from its recent Children's Resource packs available as free downloads from its website.

The CMSI Children’s Resource is specially produced each year for Sunday schools and youth groups in Ireland. It provides original and creative material for at least four sessions with four different age groups. The Children's Resource aims to help children and young people explore the biblical story of mission and to learn about life, faith and mission in a different part of the world.

As CMSI's Mission Resource Manager, Roger Cooke explains:

"During this continued period of lockdown, we want to continue equipping and inspiring churches and families. Our hope is that these activities, films and workbooks will be a helpful addition to the 'home-schooling' that is taking place throughout Ireland."


At the beginning of April, CMSI also made its Discover material available for free. This is a study series for adults, that looks at the biblical foundations for mission.

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