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Celebration Praise with the Kerygma Choir

We are delighted to announce that Kerygma, the Good News Choir will be performing at a special fundraising concert in St Mary’s Parish Church, Newry on Saturday 21st May at 7pm to support the work of CMS Ireland, with a special focus on their partners in Nepal.

Tickets £15.00 (children 10 yrs and under:£5.00) - pay at the door or buy in advance from choir members or online at

The choir was formed in 2015 by Lorna Palmer and is made up of voices from many different Christian backgrounds. Well known in Northern Ireland, the choir has also performed at the Palace of Westminster and the Irish Embassy in London.

The name ‘Kerygma’ is derived from an ancient Greek word for ‘proclaiming’ used by St Paul to refer to the preaching of the gospel. Music is one of the most powerful tools for evangelism and Kerygma’s mission is to ‘proclaim’ the Christian message using songs performed in a variety of musical styles – from popular to classical.

Members of the choir are united in their faith, love of music and desire to bring a message of peace and reconciliation. We believe this message to be important in a world where reconciliation of divided factions could bring about peace and prosperity for all, within and between each and every faith.

CMS Ireland’s links with Nepal stretch back to the early 1950’s when former CMSI President Trevor Strong (below left) was one of the first mission-partners to enter the country.

Currently they partner with two faith-based NGO’s (SDSS & HDCS) and support Mission Associate Deirdre Zimmerman (above right) a Nutritionist in Patan Hospital, Kathmandu and consultant to NPCS.

These organisations are doing amazing work helping scores of people on the edges of society, and helping bring God’s Kingdom on earth.

· SDSS: supports people with disabilities and other marginalised groups

· HDCS: runs hospitals, schools and local radio stations

· NPCS: runs Community Nutrition Programmes in remote areas

For further information contact 07721664004 or



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