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  • Linda Abwa

Joy and Sorrow in Maridi

Bishop Moses described the centenary celebrations in Maridi at the end of March as "colorful with mixed activities such as worship service, singing and praising, dance and drama." He, along with the Diocese, was overjoyed by the activities of the evangelists who were engaged in prayer for healing healing and setting the captives free of idols and witchcraft. With equal joy 350 candidates were welcomed in confirmation, hundreds turned to Christ and thousands broke bread together!

"Archbishop of Central Equatoria Internal Province, Dr.Paul Yugusuk, delivered an awesome Sermon on the confirmation journey; that on the journey of faith you will never walk alone. Hundreds of people gave their lives to Christ in response the sermon. Archbishop Justin then conducted the communion service and over, 4,000 people partook the bread and the wine. ‘Though we are many, we are one body, because we all share in the one bread’ "

Bishop Moses sent this message to all his link parishes and partners:

"Indeed, my eyes have seen the Lord’s salvation in Maridi during the centenary Thank you very much for your prayers."

However, the Bishop expresses great sorrow that three of the evangelists were taken ill during the Centenary programme and now, just two weeks later, he has shared further news of destruction by wildfire:

"The wildfire caused a lot of harm and damaged many believers in Mabilindi and Amaki Areas. They lost almost all of their houses with everything. Including food stuff, utensils, clothes, and even their gardens."

Because of the faithfulness of Maridi's link parishes there are emergency funds already in waiting for an event like this. So we will respond with a gift which will enable the Diocese to provide some of the essentials required for those affected. A this time we request your prayers for Bishop Moses as he faces this sorrow after the joy of the Centenary, and also for the eleven parishes impacted by the wildfires.



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