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Kingdom Kids Children's Resource

CMSI will soon be launching its Children's Resource for 2022.

The resource is entitled 'Kingdom Kids'. It ties-in with CMSI's current annual theme - Kingdom Come. The material explores the theme of God's Kingdom and will include:

  • Kingdom lessons from children in the Bible

  • Video stories about kingdom kids across the world

  • A range of themed puzzles and crafts

  • A fundraising challenge to help support the global Church as it works with children.

The resource is ideal for Sunday schools and other children or youth groups who are meeting together in person or virtually. As with all of CMSI Children's Resources, there is a dual emphasis on helping children and young people engage with the Bible and engage with global mission.

The Kingdom Kids material will be available to view and download for free from mid-February. (Please note - this is slightly later than initially advertised). All you need to do is sign-up. When the resource is launched, we'll send you a password to give you full access to the Kingdom Kids page on the CMSI website.



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