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  • Linda Abwa

More emergency help given in DR Congo

Following distressing attacks on New Years Eve 2020 thousands of people left the rural areas around North Kivu and poured into Butembo seeking refugee. Bishop Isesomo asked his parishioners to bring what they could, and CMSI sent an initial emergency fund. We launched an emergency response appeal and reported on the first group of Internally Displaced People who were given assistance, a total of 346 people.

Bishop Isesomo was under great stress to provide for the others who had not already received any help. Therefore, as you, our members, links and supporters started to contribute to the DRC emergency appeal we were both grateful and relieved that much needed funds were beginning to build. After just a few weeks we were able to send a second emergency gift of £2000.

Last week Bishop Isesomo reported that those funds had been used to purchase 900 kgs of rice, 900kgs of beans and 1350kgs of cassava flour. Out of those who had not yet received any help 90 of the most vulnerable families were asked to come to receive their emergency pack. This group included 486 children under 10 years and a further 282 under the age of 18. What a relief for these families as they continue to struggle to make a temporary home until it is safe to return to their villages.

Bishop Isesomo explained that it was in faith that he had told families who had not yet received, that more help would be coming. When he heard that the CMSI family had been so generous he gave thanks to God for answering his prayers.

"Thank you , thank you and thank you. God bless you again and again." (Bisho Isesomo)

Along with Bishop Isesomo we want to say a huge thank you for hearing the plea of the church in North Kivu and responding so generously. Let us also give thanks for the faithful Christians in Butembo who have been part of the team distributing, not only food, but hope amongst those who feel that all is lost.




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