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  • Linda Abwa

Update from Ibba

We received this update from Bishop Wilson Kamani this week and wanted to share it with you as a little window into the life of Ibba Diocese and the wide ranging joys and challenges, and ministries of the church there.


Rain has resumed and people are busy cultivating their farms, although many are worried about the huge number of snails around. Equally people in Ibba were so thrilled yesterday to see parents and children lining up for registration at St Peters primary school, Downey secondary school, St Mary's primary school in Madebe, Hope Primary school, Nabanga primary school and St Paul's Primary school in Manikakara.

Last Sunday was another remarkable day in the life of the inhabitants of Ibba; a Sunday in which a huge number of people turned out at Ibba Freedom Square to witness the end of the 'Peace and Reconciliation Football Tournament' between Riverside FC and Forward FC. It was organized by the Diocese of Ibba and virtually supported through CMSI. The peace and reconciliation meeting and the football tournament generated a tremendous impact in the Ibba community. Young people and elderly people, politicians and non politicians, rich and the needy, indigenous and non-indigenous, tall people and short ones, fat and the slim, people with health challenges and healthy ones, employed and the unemployed should coexist peacefully, and should there be any problem it should be addressed amicably; this was the key message I shared during the closing remarks. Thank you all for such a generous handy support to enable the diocese to exercise its prophetic voice and bridge the gap.

Pray for the Archdeaconry of Nabanga. Nabanga is located in the South of the diocese. People in Nabanga love hunting. In summer a whole family in Nabanga would move to the forest and stay there for months hunting. This year in March a wildfire destroyed 17 houses to ashes leaving the household members who went hunting, dispossessed with nothing left . It's a trying time for those families. Thus, I have a plan to visit those families in the near future to encourage them. Please pray for this journey and pray for those affected.


Bishop Wilson really appreciates the companionship of link parishes and CMSI members. Let us keep these things in our hearts and prayers.



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