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  • Linda Abwa

Wildfires cause destruction in Maridi Diocese

Bishop Moses has called the church to pray for the people of five communities in Maridi Diocese. Lives have been lost and property destroyed, including food supplies.

Whilst some areas of Maridi Diocese suffered flooding at the end of last year, now that dry season has come, wildfires are the present risk. Amaki and Cathedral Archdeaconaries were in the path of a wildfire that burned for three days last week, and five villages were particularly affected.

Please pray for the villages of Kazana II, Nzumara, Baguya, Nawangu and Nagume and for Bishop Moses and his team as they seek to respond with pastoral and practical assistance.

CMSI will be sending financial assistance to Maridi Diocese for tarpaulins and emergency food rations within the next few days from our Maridi Emergency Appeal. If you would like to respond financially you can make an online donation and designate it for Maridi Wildfires, or send your gift by cheque marked Maridi Emergency Appeal; wildfires.



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