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Zimmerman Prayer Update

In the Zimmerman's latest prayer letter, Mark provides an eye-witness insight on some of the challenges facing Patan Hospital in Kathmandu, as Covid-19 cases surge and oxygen supplies dwindle.

Mark begins his account by highlighting the vulnerability of the hospital and its patients to an inadequate and unreliable oxygen supply:

When I entered the COVID ICU yesterday morning it was in a state of pandemonium. Nurses scurried along the aisle between the two long rows of patients and each bedside scene pulsated with barely contained panic. Here was a doctor using a bag to squeeze air into a patient beside a stalled mechanical ventilator. At another a nurse dangled an oxygen line in front of a patient’s nose... The usual beeps of alarms had multiplied to a screaming chorus. “What’s going on here?” I asked the doctor squeezing the bag. “The central oxygen’s been off for the last ten minutes!” he hollered. “This is the fourth time!”

Mark goes on to pay tribute to the 'exceptional' levels of leadership and care shown by hospital staff during this time of crisis and uncertainty. He invites us to join him in prayer, which, as he says is "the best way to help in this situation."

Read the full link letter...

Zimmerman LL May 2021
Download PDF • 1.99MB



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