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New addition to Ignite Programme

Plans are coming together for CMSI's Annual Ignite Conference on the 14th-15th September in Dromantine Conference Centre, Newry.

As well as welcoming Archbishop Masimango and his wife Naomi (DC Congo) and the Baker family, we're also pleased to announce that we'll be joined by Bishop John Nduwayo as he retires after over 30 years as Bishop of Gitega Diocese, Burundi.

Ignite 2018

In addition to times of worship and sharing together, there will be a range of seminars, each highlighting aspects of CMSI's wider work. These include updates from Global Partners and mission personnel, discussions on major mission themes and practical workshops to help develop a deeper parish focus on mission.

Bishop John will reflect on his many years of ministry in a special seminar focusing on the Church in Burundi.

Speaking about this new addition to the Ignite programme, CMSI's Mission Director Jenny Smyth said:

Jenny Smyth with Bishops John and Aimé Joseph in Burundi

I recently returned from a visit to our partners in Burundi, where I spent time with Bishop John and his successor, Bishop Aimé Joseph - who was appointed Coadjutor Bishop last year.

Bishop John brings with him a wealth of experience of the Global Church and the challenges facing it. I'm delighted that he can share some of his story with us at Ignite."

We'd love to see more folk joining with those who have already signed up for the main Ignite conference on Saturday 15th September.

We'd particularly encourage you to consider joining us for the Friday Extra Residential Programme which includes the CMSI Family communion service, and a chance to hear more from our global guests?

Please note - as always, our global guests face the challenge of securing visas for their visit. While we have reason to be optimistic this time, we would still value your prayers for this process.

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