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  • Linda Abwa

Ebolo in DRC - please pray

CMSI is asking for prayer for its partners in DR Congo, as the Ebolo outbreak is declared as an international crisis.

Archbishop Masimango, Bishop Bahati, Bishop Desire and Bishop Isesomo head up our partner dioceses in DR Congo, representing Kindu, Bukavu, Goma and North Kivu. As of 17th July, the location of these dioceses is within the designated Ebola international emergency zone.

The crisis has been ongoing and growing for over a year, and is complicated by insecurity and mistrust of the international health agencies involved in prevention on the ground. The final threshold of the international crisis was reached last week when a definitive case was identified in Goma, a city of two million close to the border of Rwanda. By declaring the situation an international crisis, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is calling for a multi-national approach to containing the outbreak and avoiding further spread.

Both Bishop Desire and Bishop Isesomo are in high risk areas and have had to implement extra precautions around churches and project sites. There is special concern for the children at the Compassion for Children in Distress Project in Butembo.

We ask for a widespread prayer response to the issues faced by our partners in Eastern DRC and for protection for all those in high risk areas. Pray for the nation too as a strong response is necessary to allay fears and encourage uptake of the vaccine.

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