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The end is just another beginning!

Bishop Gaddiel once said that there are two very difficult things to say to people. The first is when you meet them for the very first time: it’s hard to know what to say and how it will be received. The second is saying good-bye to those same people. After living and working together for a number of years, getting to know each other very deeply, sharing many experiences, it's hard to accept the fact that you are parting company.

This has proved to be very true for us over the past number of weeks as we have been packing up and saying our goodbyes. When we came back to Kenya at the beginning of 2014, we met up with some old friends but also made new friendships that have helped us to really feel at home here in the Diocese of Kajiado.

We have had very close contact with Kajiado for about 40 years. When we look back we can see how very blessed we have been and how much the people we have come to know and love have taught us. If we have learned anything about community development – we have learned it here. If we know anything about family life, we have been taught it here.

As God has led and guided us over all those years, so we trust in Him to continue to lead and guide us as we move on to the next phase of service – even though we don’t yet know what that might be.

One thing that has kept us going while here has been the promise of prayers offered on a regular basis for our safety and wellbeing. This has been even more apparent when we had our accident – almost a year ago now – and we are so thankful for what didn’t happen in that particular situation. So thank you to everyone who has been faithful in prayer for many years – your voice has been heard.

The work will continue here in Kajiado as we leave and we ask you to continually remember Bishop Gaddiel as he leads the work of spiritual and physical development across the diocese. The bishop has often said that he sees development as mission. If there is anything that we would like to be remembered by, it is that all the development activities we've been involved with have been part of the mission of the Church.

We are heading to the airport in a few hours’ time and we leave with a heavy heart on one side, but also with thankful hearts for the incredible experiences we have shared here in Kajiado. You never know what God has in store for us at some time in the future. One thing we have learned while on this journey is never to say "never"!

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