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Sunday Schools Support CMSI Mission Projects

Children and young people across Ireland have been taking part in the CMSI Children's Resource for almost 20 years. Not only have they been learning about different countries, exploring stories from the Bible and finding out more about mission, they have also been helping to raise money. These donations are making a real difference to our Global Partners across the world.

As we launch the 2020 Children's Resource, In The Middle: Church at the Heart of Mission, we take a look back at the last few years to see what's happened with the projects and how the funds raised are being used by our friends in Kenya and Egypt.


Growing in God - Nurturing Community in Kenya 2017

Our 2017 Children’s Resource focused on our Global Partners in the Urban Development Programme (UDP) in Nairobi, Kenya.

Total raised: £16,448

Number of Sunday schools: 57


There has been a number of comings and goings from UDP over the last couple of years. Jenny Smyth visited in January 2018, followed by a CMSI team in July/ August from St Columba’s, Portadown and Drumglass, Dungannon. Then, Antony Njoroge from the UDP came to Ireland for 3 months as part of the Harman Scholarship and spent time with parishes across Ireland.

Money was sent in 2019 to purchase resources for the school (text books and stationary) and the provision of blankets for the Tujinue Young Mothers’ Self-Help Group. In the past month, the final sum of £12,814 has been sent to complete the renovations to the Tujisaidie Primary School. They are adding a new storey to the existing building to make a staff room and develop toilets for male staff and students. These renovations are essential for the school if it is to comply with regulations to be a certified centre for the KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education).


Crossing Bridges: Peace and Friendship in Egypt 2018

Our 2018 Children’s resource Focused on our Global Partners in the Diocese of Egypt.

Total raised: £12,738

Number of Sunday schools: 55


We have been encouraged to hear feedback from Bishop Mouneer that the first part of funding has been used to hold a conference in Cairo for teachers from Christian and Muslim schools. Bishop Mouneer sent this message:

“I am happy to let you know that we had a very fruitful time with the teachers from the different schools. I was happy to see teachers from the Islamic schools who came to be trained on how to guide the children, Christians and Muslims, to work together and to learn from each other.

He mentioned that plans are underway for the first event for the children to attend is scheduled for the end of February. This is an exciting development in the work of the Church in Egypt as they seek to develop mutual understanding and respect for all through their work with schools.


Outside In - Changing lives in Nepal 2019

Our 2019 Children’s Resource focused on supported the Rehabilitation programme as well as supporting the SD church Sunday school.

Total raised (so far!): £14,646. Further updates to follow.


It is really wonderful to see how the Sunday school children across Ireland get involved in the resource each year and we really look forward to speaking at your Children's Day services and receiving your competition entries.

As churches use the resource throughout the year, it can take a while for the donations to come to us, but we wanted to give you feedback on these past few projects to encourage you as you think about engaging with the 2020 Children's resource.


For further information:

View and download the 'Children's Resource: Recent Updates' [pdf]

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