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Update From South Sudan

As part of its current series of Global Partner Updates, CMSI has published the latest news from its partners in South Sudan: Ibba, Maridi, Olo and Yei Dioceses.

The update includes messages from all four of the bishops who lead our partner dioceses. They each report significant disruption to their plans and widespread suffering of their people. But they continue to show great faith and endurance. Bishop Hilary (Yei Diocese) includes this encouragement:

The lockdown has ruined almost every plan and seems this has affected millions of people throughout the world. So let us be assured of the Lord's good, timely interventions in our situations. We pray that God protect his people from this deadly pandemic. We know that every plan is shelved and waiting for the right time.

As Partnership Coordinator, Linda Abwa highlights in the update, the role of the Church in South Sudan is key in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis:

The thread that seems to run through all these snippets is resilience. Without government infrastructures, the Church is ensuring that its infrastructures are optimised to protect and serve their communities in crisis. Without state or international aid, it is the Church in South Sudan, hopefully backed by her global family, that will provide food and soap for the vulnerable. The Church is still at the centre of transforming communities and resilience rings out from the words of each of these bishops, as they confirm that Christ is our firm foundation, even at such a time as this.


In addition to its regular updates of news and prayer requests, CMSI produces Global Partner Updates at least twice each year. While these are primarily aimed at CMSI link churches and prayer supporters, they provide a helpful summary for anyone with a wider interest in global mission.

Updates are also available from our partners in Egypt, Kenya and DR Congo.


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