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  • Linda Abwa

Greetings from Bishop Levi Marandulu

On his eighth day as the third Bishop of Yei, Jenny Smyth and Linda Abwa were delighted to be able to speak to Bishop Levi via Zoom. It is exciting to be able to introduce him to you too, in this video greeting he made for us:

As we walk forward in partnership with Yei Diocese we also asked Bishop Levi to share his priorities for the Diocese:

  • Vision: A United and Holistically Transformed God's People

  • Mission: To Evangelize and Equip for a Holistic Transformation of God's people in Yei and beyond.

  • Priorities: · Capacity building and training: building the capacities of the church leaders at all levels in all departments and training for young people returning from camps. · Evangelism and Discipleship: strong biblical teaching to reach even the most rural of areas · Income Generating Projects: focusing on the rural areas to develop Archdeaconaries and parishes.

Keep praying for Bishop Levi and for the exciting way ahead in partnership!



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