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  • Gillian Maganda

Kibungo Diocese Update

Just as Rwanda began its country-wide lockdown to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, it was beginning its annual 100 days of mourning to commemorate the genocide (1994) that tore this small country apart.

Bishop Emmanuel Ntazinda from Kibungo Diocese had these words of encouragement to share:

We thank God for being on our side, because the number of infections is not on the high side, and those infected are being cared for by healthcare givers. Currently, there have been no deaths due to Covid-19 occurring in our country.

To limit the spread of contamination, the government of Rwanda has taken serious measures where all people are requested to stay home, keep social distancing and wash hands with clean water and soap frequently. Schools are closed, all church gatherings have ceased, as well as other large events cancelled. In spite of this, church leaders have continued the work of giving words of hope and encouragement from the Bible to people by using social media, such as WhatsApp, YouTube, radio and TV broadcasts.

We really thank God for the opportunity we have to communicate to all Christians and others... Our homes have become our churches and people have really appreciated having the opportunity to join our services from a distance.

The biggest challenge that Kibungo Diocese is facing right now is food shortages. The government has distributed some food to help citizens, but it hasn’t reached all parts of the country. Kibungo Diocese has tried its best to mobilise the Church family to help out. They are trying to provide basic meals to the most needy, but they are fast running out of resources. The need has gone beyond their capacity.

Please stand with our brothers and sisters in Kibungo and our other Global Partners, through prayer and in giving - for God’s intervention and provision in their time of need!

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