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Prayer Letter From Yei

We received the following prayer letter yesterday from Bishop Hilary of Yei Diocese in South Sudan. Please continue to remember Bishop Hilary and his people at this time.


Prayer requests from the Diocese of Yei

Based on Psalms 91:7

’Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you’’.

Though the vulnerable people in my communities are displaced by the war and cannot remain in one place, nor find food and water to drink and soap to wash their hand, pray that the Lord be their shield and refuge at this time of C-19.

To our friends, brothers and sisters in the Church of Ireland...though we hear of massive deaths in the UK and many parts of our world, we pray that the Almighty may strengthen you and be your protector through all this time, fears and dangers of C-19.

To all the partners of CMS Ireland throughout the world, let’s pray that all of you be under the Lord’s guiding hands to receive his divine protection and to gain resilience to fight C-19 and that you remain safe and blessed.

+Hilary Adeba

Diocese of Yei


Bishop Hilary and Mama Joyce with Billy Smyth in Yei.

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