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Update From DR Congo

CMSI has published an update from its Global Partners in DR Congo: Bukavu Diocese, Kindu Diocese and North Kivu Diocese. This is the latest in the series of Global Partner Updates that we're currently producing.

The update has been written by Partnership Coordinator, Linda Abwa who highlights a number of the crises current impacting our partners in DR Congo...

While the world media and much of CMSI’s news from Global Partners is focused on Covid-19, it is clear, from various communications with our partners, that the global pandemic is not the only major issue that Eastern Congo is dealing with at present. Severe flooding, Ebola, continued outbreaks of violence, and the impact of lockdown on food supplies for families are of great concern.

In light of the staggering difficulties faced by the people of Eastern Congo it is especially encouraging to be able to update you about the Church’s response.

Please pray for Archbishop Masimango, Bishop Isesomo, Bishop Bahati and Bishop Desire as they stand with the Church at the centre of these numerous challenges, and please stand with them to support their efforts to reach out to provide spiritual hope, practical emergency care, and ongoing protection and support for vulnerable people.


In addition to its regular updates of news and prayer requests, CMSI produces Global Partner Updates at least twice each year. While these are primarily aimed at CMSI link churches and prayer supporters, they provide a helpful summary for anyone with a wider interest in global mission.

Updates are also available from our partners in Egypt and Kenya.


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