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  • Roger Cooke

CMSI Partners Respond To Covid Crisis

Over the past week, we have been hearing how some of our Global Partners have been using the funds sent to them in early May as part of the CMSI Covid-19 Response Appeal.

In all, over £20,000 was sent to support 12 Global Partners in seven countries as they respond to those in their own communities who have been impacted by the crisis and the lockdown measures.

Last week, Linda Abwa shared a story from Egypt, where funds sent through CMSI have been used to provide food aid for students at the Nuba Mountain Bible Institute in Cairo.

Yesterday, we received short video updates from two of our partners in South Sudan, showing how they have been using the donations sent from CMSI link parishes.

In Olo Diocese, the Church is providing food aid to marginalised communities who have been unable to access their daily food supplies. Bishop Tandema says:

"I am grateful for our Global Partners for their support for vulnerable people during this coronavirus which is taking place in South Sudan - with lockdown... Thank you very much for your support and help during this very difficult time."

In Maridi Diocese, the Church has also been distributing food aid and providing for clergy whose income has disappeared without the weekly collections from church services. They have also been running Covid awareness training programmes for pastors and lay leaders, so that these leaders can educate their own communities.

We also received a report this week from Bishop Emmanuel in Kibungo Diocese, Rwanda - who shares how the Church has been providing food support and soap to the neediest families in three parishes. Bishop Emmanuel writes:

We are very thankful to the Lord and to the people of CMS Ireland for the food relief support provided to different families during the lockdown due to Covid-19. We believe that the support will bring back hope to the families who received it.

Thank you to everyone who has already supported the CMSI Covid-19 Response Appeal. Your generous giving is already making a huge different to many, many people.

We hope to send further funds to our partners in the coming weeks. The more support we receive for the appeal, the more our partners can do; their current needs far outweigh what we are currently able to help fund.

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